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    Jun 22, 2018
    Name: Cecilia (not saying my last name, because, ya know, online safety.)

    Minecraft Username: SingingMugBear

    Discord Username: SingingMugBear#0524

    Age: 14

    Timezone: PST

    Country: United States


    How many hours can you contribute daily? It depends. Normally, I can contribute anywhere from about 30 minutes to three hours. Sometimes I am able to stay on longer, however, I do travel often and when that happens I am usually gone from anytime between a few days to a month or so. I will inform you ahead of time, though, if I get accepted.

    What are your strengths and weaknesses? I believe some of my strengths are my patience, my maturity and my 'approachability' so to speak. By this I mean that I can deal with situations in a professional manner without seeming intimidating. At times I guess this can play into my weaknesses, too. The fact that I sometimes have a very meek demeanor means that I may be more hesitant to punish someone, or I may not be harsh enough. Due to this shy nature someone could probably (but hopefully not) get out of their punishment. I don't believe that this would actually happen, though, and this position would actually help me become stronger.

    Why should I choose you over other applicants? You should choose me over other applicants since I know how to deal with situations without leaving many people angry. I also am not prejudiced against certain people, meaning that I will treat everyone fairly. I am also a fairly friendly person, which should help discourage infractions in the rules.
    Have you ever been staff on another server? If yes, what server(s)? I have not been staff on any other servers.

    How would you contribute to ImperiumMC? I would contribute a few things to ImperiumMC. I could help create a friendly atmosphere for the players, I can help build, and I could probably get a few of my friends to join.

    What are you good at? I am good at a few things. Staff-wise, I am good at making friends, not enemies, which can come in handy while keeping the server in line. I also am decent a building, so I can help here-and there with projects.

    (OPTIONAL) Tell me something about yourself Some of my hobbies include reading, writing and drawing. I love sushi and chocolate, but most food is delicious to my taste buds :). I love to help in any way I can and I make friends on a daily basis. I also have lived in a foreign country before, so that was fun.

    (OPTIONAL) Do you have other skills that could be useful to me? Explain As I've mentioned before, I love drawing and designing things, so I can help create logos (even though you already know that) for the server and other miscellaneous things.

    (OPTIONAL) Literally anything else you think may improve my opinion of you. This is your chance to write your heart out. If you absolutely must write a lot, do so here. Since I've lived in a foreign country and have traveled the world quite a bit, I have a vast cultural understanding. I also know how to speak Spanish fluently, so I can be of assistance if a person only spoke that language.

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